Artistic Tile – Burano Black & White

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Clairidges, elegant bands of interlocking ribbons, inspired by the door frames at the luxurious Claridges Hotel in London. Available in all stone and with luminous natural white rivershell, Claridges will add a distinctive classic touch to any space.

Ancient legend holds that the Venetian Isle of Burano developed its tradition for fine lacework when an engaged fisherman withstood the song of a Siren, remaining faithful to his fianc?e. The queen of the sirens, impressed by his faith, thumped the side of his boat, creating a foam from which he pulled an exquisite wedding veil. That veil inspired the intricate lacework the island has been known for ever since. Inspired by this tradition, Burano reinterprets delicate Venetian lacework in an incredible stone pattern. Stocked in two beautiful color ways.

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