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Riva, the riverbed, where earth meets water, is the idea behind the Riva series with its translucent “watery glazes”. Riva redefines the aesthetics of an artisanal tile series by combining the clean and simple lines of a contemporary look with the richness and depth of translucent glazes. The glazes pool differently depending upon the size and shape of both the field and trim pieces. This is a natural and inherent characteristic of this type of glazing method, and contributes to the desired end result.

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2 x 8 and 4 x 8 sizes are modular if set with a small grout joint. 3 x 6 is not modular with the other sizes but can be used with them in non-modular patterns.



Installation Information

Expect shade variation between field sizes and within each color. It is important to blend tile from multiple boxes during installation. Due to the shape of the pieces and the nature of production, this is especially true for variation between the three field sizes and between field and trims. Curved pieces like quarter round and corners, because of their shapes, may have more pooling and different pooling than other pieces. Riva is intended for interior walls. If installing with a cement-based adhesive, it is recommended to use a flexible setting material. All substrates should be properly reinforced to be sure there is no movement. For mortar installations, the mortar bed has to be cured (less than 2% humidity) and has to have proper reinforcing. Gloss and translucent glazes are more susceptible to scratching and scratch visibility. Care should be taken during installation and that grout selected is appropriate for this type of material.

Lanka Walltiles PLC is ISO 14001 certified.

LARA401 Snow
LARA501 Milkweed
LARA503 Lichen
LARA504 Barley
LARA506 Peat
LARA508 Honey
LARA509 Willow
LARA512 Mushroom
LARA–/36 3 x 6
LARA–/48 4 x 8
LARA–/28 2 x 8
3 x 6 Moldings & Trim  
S4639 3 x 6 Bullnose 3” Side
S4369 3 x 6 Bullnose 6” Side
SCL4369 3 x 6 Left Down Angle
SCR4369 3 x 6 Right Down Angle
CM18 1 – 1/2 x 8 Cap Molding
CMN18 Corner Cap Molding
AC106 Beak
A106 6” Quarter Round
4 x 8 Trim  
S4849 4 x 8 Bullnose 4” Side
S4489 4 x 8 Bullnose 8” Side
SCL4489 4 x 8 Left Down Angle
SCR4489 4 x 8 Right Down Angle
A108 8” Quarter Round
AC106 Beak