Galileo Retro – White

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Creative Tile’s Galileo’s Retro series is a cement look with 4 innovative and playful patterns that are a fresh interpretation of cementine decos. The variation in the field tile makes them an attractive option all on their own. The decos can be used for an entire area or together with the 3 shaded field tile to create a memorable impact. It is important to note that the designs do not have straight lines and the patterns will have an imprecise alignment when the pieces come together. This is intentional and enhances the final effect.

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Suitable for walls and floors including residential and moderate commercial use.

It is also important to work with the layout, mixing pieces within each carton and pulling from several cartons, to insure a proper blend during installation.

Care should be taken during installation to make sure the tiles are correctly placed to achieve the desired final look. The minimum recommended grout joint is 3/32”. Please note that the material is non-rectified. If using more than one item together (i.e. field and decos), please check the caliber and be aware that you may have to adjust the size of the grout joint to make your pattern work.