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The Dorset series from View recreates the Portland stone from the Dorset region in Southern England with its characteristic fossil shells. Its appealing colors, competitive pricing and the advantages of a colored-body inkjet glazed porcelain make this series an intriguing option.

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Mosaic is mounted on approximate 12 x 12 sheets.

NOTE: Due to changes in the production of the Dorset Series, the 12×24 and non-stock 24×24 are now slightly larger and thicker than before. Previously they were 9.2 mm thick, but all new productions are 10mm thick. This change will occur color by color, size by size over time as we rotate from old to new stoc


The surface bullnose is made from field tile that is cut, ground and reglazed.

Coordinating Trim

Note: The Quarter Round was produced to match the size of the original production. With the sizing changes (see above), that means that it is shorter than the 12” side of the new 12×24 until we can transition to new trim productions made to match the new size.

Non-Stock Size

Subject to minimum order quantities. Available in all 5 colors. VWDT–/2424 24 x 24

Usage & Installation

Dorset is suitable for use on walls, counters and residential to moderate duty commercial floors.

Although subtly shaded, there is a lot of graphic variation and the graphics are mixed and packed randomly. It is important to pull from multiple boxes during installation, rotate pieces and note the placement of the different images in order to get the proper final blend.This is a non-rectified tile. A minimum 1/8” grout joint is recommended.

The Coefficient of Friction is a general guide only. Testing may vary with different production runs and with different testing labs.

As noted in the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) the coefficient of friction varies considerably due to facts not under the control of entities such as the manufacturers and distributors. These factors include, but are not limited to, contaminants, slope of terrain, drainage conditions, adjacent surfaces, etc. Suitability for any installation can only be determined by a site examination of all conditions that could affect the slip resistance of the tile being installed. Continual cleaning and maintenance must be performed once the tile has been installed.