Del Conca Vignoni – Intreccio Mosaic

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Creative Tile’s Del Conca Vignoni has intense color and rich variation, terra-cotta is a timeless option. With Vignoni, Del Conca offers a beautiful terracotta-look with all the advantages of porcelain tile. Available in multiple sizes, including a 3/4” thick paver with a grip finish for exteriors, and enhanced by some unique mosaics, Vignoni brings originality to a product steeped in tradition.

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Vignoni is suitable for residential to moderate commercial.


Please note that each size has a different R rating which makes them suitable for different areas. The 6 x 12 with its R10 finish is more matte than the 16 x 32 which is R9.


Mosaico Castiglione
A unique mosaic made of approximately 2 x 6 pieces that resemble fragments of faience pottery with its customary white background and colorful patterns. The decorative tiles are randomly mixed and mounted in a brick pattern on an approximately 12 x 12 sheet. The look harkens back to a traditional ceramic product, making this decorative mosaic the perfect accent for Vignoni’s rich terracotta color.

Intreccio Mosaic
2 1/2 x 3 inch pieces (cut from 16×32) are mounted to look “interlaced” (“intreccio”) creating a woven pattern.


Made from field tile that has been cut, ground and reglazed.


As with all inkjet products, there are many different graphics that are mixed and packed randomly. It is important to pull from multiple boxes during installation, rotate pieces, and note the placement of the different images to get the proper final blend.
Most Italian manufacturers recommend a maximum offset of 8” (20cm) on all large format tiles when setting a running bond. Please refer to ANSI requirements for setting large format tiles ANSI A 108.2 Section 4.3.8. We recommend a minimum 3/16” grout joint.

Thick Paver

With its R11 rating the 3/4” finish is suitable for most exterior paving applications. Of course, final suitability always comes down to the specific circumstances of the project, and proper cleaning and maintenance is required to maintain the slip resistance of any surface. Properly installed, the 3/4” (2 cm) thick paver can be set on sand, gravel, grass or with a traditional thinset installation. The recommended minimum grout joint for the paver is 3/16”. Pedestal applications are also possible with special installation requirements which are available upon request.

Made in Italy