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For making the Blois series, View found inspiration in the old castles of France. The look is a blend of the stone blocks used to build the fortress walls and the aged cotto found on the castle floors. The mix of the two creates a unique and intriguing tile with rich variationMade in Italy

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Blois is suitable for residential and commercial applications. To attain the proper mix of graphics and color it is important to pull from multiple boxes during installation, rotate pieces, and note the placement of the different images to get the proper final blend.

Most Italian manufacturers recommend a maximum offset of 8” (20cm) on all large format tiles when setting a running bond. Please refer to ANSI requirements for setting large format tiles (ANSI A 108.2 Section 4.3.8). There are special setting requirements and materials for large format tiles. Please refer to the TCNA Handbook and guidelines by your mortar manufacturer for more information.

Quilt Mosaic

The Blois Quilt Mosaic is perfect for accents, feature walls and large areas. It is also a practical alternative to using 2 x 2 on shower pans and adds an upgraded aesthetic to this important function.


Available in all colors. NON-STOCK SIZES and FINISHES are subject to minimum order quantities. Non-Stock prices are subject to change and should be reconfirmed at time of order.

gbcgbcThe Coefficient of Friction is a general guide only. Testing may vary with different production runs and with different testing labs.

As noted in the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) the coefficient of friction varies considerably due to facts not under the control of entities such as the manufacturers and distributors. These factors include, but are not limited to, contaminants, slope of terrain, drainage conditions, adjacent surfaces, etc. Suitability for any installation can only be determined by a site examination of all conditions that could affect the slip resistance of the tile being installed. Continual cleaning and maintenance must be performed once the tile has been installed.