Del Conca Vignoni – Mosaico Castiglione 2×6 Terracotta Look Porcelain Mosaic

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With its intense color and rich variation, terra-cotta is a timeless option. With Vignoni, Del Conca offers a beautiful terracotta-look with all the advantages of porcelain tile. Available in multiple sizes, including a 3/4” thick paver with a grip finish for exteriors, and enhanced by some unique mosaics, Vignoni brings originality to a product steeped in tradition.

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Vignoni is suitable for residential to moderate commercial.

Please note that each size has a different R rating which makes them suitable for different areas. The 6 x 12 with its R10 finish is more matte than the 16 x 32 which is R9.

Mosaico Castiglione
A unique mosaic made of approximately 2 x 6 pieces that resemble fragments of faience pottery with its customary white background and colorful patterns. The decorative tiles are randomly mixed and mounted in a brick pattern on an approximately 12 x 12 sheet. The look harkens back to a traditional ceramic product, making this decorative mosaic the perfect accent for Vignoni’s rich terracotta color.