Marca Corona Maiolica – Armonia (843)

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Creative Tile is excited to offer Marca Corona. Marca Corona reached into their own historical archives to design Maiolica, a series that is reminiscent of the artisanal pottery they made when the company was founded in 1741. Maiolica uses the classic white and cobalt blue color combination, presenting them in patterns that range from geometrics to simplified florals. The result is a 4×4 porcelain with traditional roots that is also appealing to contemporary taste. The two solid colors and six patterns can be used individually or mixed to create an eclectic modern effect.

Made in Italy

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Maiolica is intended for walls. As a porcelain, it may be suitable for some residential floors, but it should be noted that, as with all glossy glazes, it may be subject to scratching. This is especially true for dark glossy colors like the Blu.

Coordinating Trim

Expect shade variation between field and bullnose.


*Please note that some patterns are complete within a single piece of tile while others need four tiles to complete each pattern. For the designs that require four pieces, Adagio (841) and Armonia (843), care should be taken during installation to make sure the tiles are correctly placed to achieve the desired final look.

It is never recommended to install tile with a butt joint. The minimum recommended joint for Maiolica is 1/16”. As a high-fire non-rectified porcelain product, there are minor differences in size from piece to piece. This can be worked out during the installation by adjusting the size of the grout joint to keep the lines straight.

As long it is installed properly, and not where people are walking (where slip resistance is an issue), and as long as it is maintained with normal chemicals used for cleaning pools, this porcelain tile is suitable for swimming pools and fountains. It should be noted, however, that the glossy surface is susceptible to scratching, so people should be aware of that with their cleaning practices (avoid using abrasive brushes and aggressive chemicals). It is important to note that the coordinating trim is from a separate production and is not suitable for swimming pools or for any exterior application.