RUBI TOOLS Italiano rubber bucket with handle 2.7Gal. (10 l)


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The “ITALIAN” rubber cubes from RUBI-KANGURO are especially valued for their stability, compact size and easy transportation. In addition, its extra-dimensioned upper diameter and its limited height make these models very versatile and functional cubes.

The “ITALIAN” rubber cube from RUBI-KANGURO has a wall with reinforcement ribs and a design both in base and in mouth that gives it a high structural strength.

The main use of RUBI-KANGURO “ITALIAN” rubber cubes is the measurement and transport of liquids, although, thanks to its high resistance to abrasion and deformation impact, they are very useful for debris management on site or reforms.The “ITALIAN” rubber bucket has a capacity of 10 liters. This capacity makes it a highly productive tool in the work of clearing, since it facilitates a manipulable and easily manageable load.

The high resistance metal handle is made of galvanized steel, to reduce oxidation damage.

The “flat face” design of the cube favors the transport of the load, allowing the user to bring the cube closer to the body, reducing the effort. The flat face of the cube also facilitates the collection of small waste in the form of a shovel.

The construction professionals highlight the “ITALIAN” rubber cube above all its durability, but they also appreciate and appreciate how easy it is to manipulate it, as well as the certainty of having a quality product, and being able to have a greater control of the volume used. .

When used for the occasional mixing of cement or ceramic tile adhesives, professionals especially appreciate its easy cleaning, even when the cementitious material has completely dried.

Being stackable, they allow us to save a lot of space in their storage and facilitate their transport.

The high quality of the materials used in the production of RUBI-KANGURO rubber products gives them a high resistance to the adverse conditions to which they are subject in the work, but also to their constant exposure to UV rays.

All rubber products of the RUBI-KANGURO brand stand out for their optimum behavior against low temperatures, staying unchanged up to – 60 ° C, and for being made with 100% recyclable materials.


  • Greater comfort during transport. For easy waste collection.
  • Greater comfort during transport. For easy waste collection.
  • Flat face. Greater comfort during transport. For easy waste collection.
  • Plastic handle grip. Greater comfort.
  • Highly resistant metal handle.
  • Walls are reinforced with ribbing.