RUBI TOOLS SUPERPRO 11.81×5.31 in. sponge floats with replaceable handle


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The RUBI sponge float with replaceable handle range covers all the needs of professional ceramic tile installers in the cleaning phase of grouting and finishing work.

The RUBI SUPERPRO sponge float with replaceable handle range consists of a comprehensive and diverse range of models, all of them adapted to each situation:

– The SUPERPRO sponge float, made of flexible polyester-based polyurethane, has a medium level of absorption and is ideal for general cleaning of all surfaces, and is compatible with the use of acid-based cleaning products.

– The SWEEPEX® sponge float is made of flexible polyester-based polyurethane, has a high degree of absorption and high abrasion resistance, and is ideal for cleaning all surfaces, especially the coarsest ones. Its use with acid-based products is not recommended.

In addition to offering the relevant spare parts for the SWEEPEX® and SUPERPRO sponge floats, RUBI offers the professional the following spares:

– Replacement ABRASIVA sponge float, made of high density polyethylene, ideal for jobs that require a higher level of friction. Its use with acid-based products is not recommended.

– Replacement CELULOSA sponge float (100% plant-based) is especially recommended for cleaning jobs with acid or solvent-based chemicals and especially for cleaning epoxy joints. It has the highest level of absorption and resistance of the whole range.

RUBI really knows the needs of ceramic tile fitters, and has therefore created the PLUS version within its SUPERPRO range of sponges, with longitudinal cuts on one side of the sponge to facilitate and improve the collection of sediment and dirt.

All of the interchangeable bases of the 11.81×5.31 in. SUPERPRO sponge floats are adaptable to the ergonomic handle (ref. 22912). They are also compatible with other brands.

SWEEPEX® is a trademark registered by its owners.


  • Float sponges for cleaning and finishing of joints.
  • Interchangeable bases adaptable to ergonomic handle (Ref. 22912) and also to other brands.
  • Available with sponges of different levels of absorption and abrasion resistance. High safety anchoring system
  • PLUS models have cuts for increased drag on the dirt.