RUBI TOOLS 6 PACK 19″ Long Wooden Handle Stainless Steel Trowel (6 Types)


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FLAT TROWEL, 1/4" x 1/4" TROWEL (ditra XL), 5/16" x 5/16" TROWEL, 3/8" x 3/8" TROWEL, 1/2" x 1/2" TROWEL, 3/4" x 3/4" TROWEL


The trowels and combs with closed wooden handle have a special steel sheet of high wear resistance with protection against corrosion by colorless varnish (STEEL).

There are also models with the special stainless steel sheet with high wear resistance (INOX).

One of the particularities of all RUBI trowels and combs is the perfect flatness of its sheet.

Trowels and combs with wooden handles offer the professional ceramic tile setter a traditional handle with the soft touch of natural wood, thanks to the complete process of milling, sanding and varnishing.

The closed grip offers a symmetrical tool, perfect to be used by both right-handed and left-handed people, while giving us a more focused tool that is easy to control and manipulate.

The union between blade and handle is made by stainless steel screws, for greater durability of the tool.

Another aspect of the RUBI range of trowels and combs stands out from the rest, is the wide range of models and sizes of teeth.

The notch square of 20 x 20 mm. has been designed for the dosage of cementations adhesives for ceramic tile in uneven floors.

This tooth size allows a greater thickness of the gripping material and ensures a correct wetting of the ceramic tile, fundamental factor for its correct adherence.

In the application of adhesives for the installation of ceramic tile, always keep in mind the opening and adjustment times of each manufacturer.

The 48 cm RUBI trowels and combs are ideal for the installation of large-format ceramic tiles, since with one application we cover more work surfaces.

The RUBI brand is known for its great durability and the quality of its tools. For more than 65 years, RUBI has only manufactured products with high durability and resistance, in order to give the best performance in the toughest working conditions and adapting to the demands of each market.


  • Steel plate special high wear resistance with corrosion protection by clear coat.(STEEL)
  • Stainless steel plate special high wear resistance (INOX)
  • Perfect flatness of the plate.
  • The notches 13/16″ x 13/16″ (20 x 20 mm.) developed for dosing of glue mortar on uneven floors. Allows more material thickness.