Ryan Smith, Owner

A word from Ryan Smith (owner)…

Creative Tile wants our community to know we are going to get through this because we are a community built on greatness and true grit! We are the hard-working people that makes this the greatest Nation in the world- Yes! The great United States of America that’s who we are! We have overcome so much as a country to become who we are as a Nation, and we will overcome this as well. Let’s continue to encourage and support each other at this time. Let’s take every precaution necessary to lead and protect those that are vulnerable during this crisis.

Creative Tile is open for business. All is well! We are taking this situation very serious and creating a safe environment to continue doing business. Come in and we will take good care of you!




M O N D A Y corner views. 😍
We’re back at it ya’ll. We hope you all had a great weekend! Just a few new additions to the showroom from @agora_surfaces. They’re definitely worth a visit. 😎

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We’re O P E N. Till 5pm on this Presidents’ Day! It’s already a busy day. Let’s do this! 🤙
@luxyspace took a tour through our porcelain slab collection last week. What do you guys think!? We feel like there’s some winners here for ANYONE’S project!
Happy Monday folks.

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Some incredibly unique things are going down when @cabinetconnection_clovis is ever involved in projects! Can’t go wrong with @verandatiledesign hex starburst accompanied with @cabinetconnection_clovis’ beautifully done vanity work. 😍 ...

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