Ryan Smith, Owner

A word from Ryan Smith (owner)…

One year ago, we made a pledge to our community that we were going to stay open and safely continue to serve you. We said that with hard work, and by protecting one another, that we had total confidence we would come through this, as Americans and as neighbors. One year later, we are here, we are keeping our visitors safe, and we are optimistic the solutions currently being rolled out will, in time, bring us all closer again.

We want to thank our community for all they have done for us for the last 20-some years and especially this last year. We are open and we are safe. Come in and we will take good care of you!




Precision work at its finest! Absolutely an amazing job done by @paytonconstruction_inc with these cuts. Thanks for the share! 🤙
Using our tile on your project...or if you’re an installer, setting our stuff- TAG US! We will repost it for some love.
Thank you ALL who continue to support our passion in tile. 🙏

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Major F L E X happening here with @champconstructinc’s job! 😍
A perfectly executed washroom. Timeless. Classic. Relaxing. All words that come to mind when we see how it turned out. Thanks again @champconstructinc 🤙

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