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A word from Ryan Smith (owner)…

Last year, we made a pledge to our community that we were going to stay open and safely continue to serve you. We said that with hard work, and by protecting one another, that we had total confidence we would come through this, as Americans and as neighbors. Over a year later, we are here, and we are grateful for the solutions that are bringing us all back together again.

We want to thank our community for all they have done for us for the last 20-some years and especially this last year. We are open and we are safe. Come in and we will take good care of you!




If Monday had a view, we’d like for it to be like this after a long hard days of work. 😍 Really though, Mondays can be rough, so why not end it in a place to retreat and feel revived after? We’re all about it. @walkerzanger showed us how it’s done with their “Jet Set” collection.
Happy Monday folks!

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Never a bad day when you can have views like this! Great work with a great team. @artobrick Roman tiles are perfect to add texture to even the smallest of places. Kind of like what @stephaniecatrondesign & @witschiconstruction did here on this kitchen backsplash. An absolute amazing job and what a timeless finish! 😍
Designer : @stephaniecatrondesign
Builder : @witschiconstruction
Tile : @artobrick w/ @creative_tile
Architect : @absolute_design_

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