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A word from Ryan Smith (owner)…

Creative Tile wants our community to know we are going to get through this because we are a community built on greatness and true grit! We are the hard-working people that makes this the greatest Nation in the world- Yes! The great United States of America that’s who we are! We have overcome so much as a country to become who we are as a Nation, and we will overcome this as well. Let’s continue to encourage and support each other at this time. Let’s take every precaution necessary to lead and protect those that are vulnerable during this crisis.

Creative Tile is open for business. All is well! We are taking this situation very serious and creating a safe environment to continue doing business. Come in and we will take good care of you!




Happy Saturday folks. Here till 2pm.
See you then!

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Conche designs are something to be appreciate, specially when they are set in some daring patterns like they are here! Consistent color, but bold pattern. @artobrick you guys are killin the hand made game! 🙌 ...

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Happy Monday folks! These tile views are looking SO colorful. 😍 who doesn’t love a nice encaustic floor design? Specially from @tileshop. 😎
It’s going to be a blessed week everyone, we know it!
@tileshop Vintage Decoro 5 - 8x8

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On this day, we stand tall and never forget those lost on 9/11. We are thankful for our first responders. Our hearts go out to the families effected by this tragic day. On this day, we wanted to say on behalf of the Creative Tile family, to not take any moment for granted. To love your family and never let go of them and waste a minute. Like the 3,000 people effected at 9:30am, they didn’t think it was their last time to hug their significant others or parents kissing their kids goodbye for the last time, so treat it as so. Never take a second for granted. God bless those effected by this day then and till this very same day. God bless America. 🇺🇸

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Shared from @granite_mountain ‘s post. We are praying for our mountain families and friends. 🙏 ...

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