Lunada Bay Tile

To see Lunada Bay Tile’s products visit their website, and then contact Creative Tile to order. You will also find their products in our showroom.

Lunada Bay Tile pushes the boundaries of tile design, helping people express their artistic visions on vertical and horizontal planes in residences, commercial spaces, and beyond.

Lunada Bay Tile pursues a distinct approach toward experimentation and embraces a design philosophy that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern influences. Our artisans use specialized techniques that create effects unlike any other source in the industry to develop products that resonate and inspire. We take cues from nature, such as Lunada Bay, along with architecture, art and design, to create unique tiles that support the desired feeling and experience of your space. The outcome is an attitude for living well, a regard for quiet elegance, and a fascination toward the nature of objects that capture our attention.

Call Creative Tile at (559) 436-8453 or visit our showroom to order.

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