We value our relationship with you. Relationships are the joy and happiness of life and we will work hard to build them with trust. Below are reviews that our customers have posted about Creative Tile. We welcome your feedback, too.

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Andrea Reed
Andrea R.
23:57 04 Mar 20
Creative Tile is a wonderful place for all your tile needs. They are extremely helpful and have so many options and selections to choose from. As someone who has had to choose tile and flooring for all the rooms of our house, Christina has been amazing to work with. We brought our color palette to her and she was able to help us design and create the look we were striving for in our kitchen and bathrooms. She is also extremely knowledgeable and offered us choices on flooring as well. I would recommend Creative Tile to anyone who is building or remodeling their home. They will help you achieve your desired aesthetic for your home!
George Sawatzky
George S.
17:48 04 Mar 20
I am a general contractor and building a house for my daughter. I sent her to Creative tile and Christina helped her with all the tile for the house. She gave her great ideas and stayed in affordable price range. I also met with her to work on the design and layout. Very helpful and informative. She also introduced me to the schluter system and directed me to an all expense paid 2 day workshop. What a great experience. I was sold on the product. I have a number of kitchens lined up and I'm sending my clients to Creative tile to see Christina. She is great to work with!
Eugene Savarino
Eugene S.
17:24 04 Feb 20
What a breath of fresh air this place is. Super friendly service and a great selection of products. Thank you Andy and Christina for your help picking our backsplash tiles!
Donna Dodd
Donna D.
04:18 24 Jan 20
From the moment I stepped inside Creative Tile I knew this was a special place. I was starting our bathroom project with just a vague idea of the type of look I wanted to create. The staff at Creative Tile approached me in a very open and helpful way. I felt comfortable to take my time to wander and become inspired, but there was plenty of help available on my timetable. I was so grateful for the help that Christina gave me. She is a very professional and gifted designer. I would have happily paid for her time. She gave me her phone number and was accessible to me for questions. She was generous with her time and attention. She listened to my vague description of what I wanted and turned it into a unique and personal design. Later when we had a dilemma in the middle of the install, my husband got a quick answer and perfect solution from Christina. She truly saved the day! Last week we returned for our kitchen tile. We are on a budget and have shopped in most of the other Fresno tile stores. In the other stores there was not nearly the level of assistance as we experienced at Creative TIle. Once again, Christina quickly understood what we wanted to do and found the perfect solution which would fit our budget. I highly recommend Creative Tile and will return again for our next project!
Jeff Stoltenberg
Jeff S.
21:44 15 Jan 20
Over the years I have many experiences ordering and sampling and eventually installing. They have always been professional and very helpful! They have even helped me pick the best tile and color for a fireplace install! I will go again and I’ll recommend them to anyone!!
H. L.
H. L.
21:12 25 Nov 19
Creative tile is the best place to find beautiful quality tile with lots of variety. Even more important than that, the consultants at Creative tile and helpful, creative and patient. The whole experience was great. Here's a special shout out to Christina Ruelas who took time to help me with a change that I needed to make and kudos to Kaleb Smith and our amazing designer, Tiffany Mehrten who put all the elements together to make our new bathroom beautiful. Thank you all.
Justine Mattes
Justine M.
20:33 20 Nov 19
Christina is absolutely AMAZING and we would be lost without her!!! We had 3 bathrooms to design and she helped us create a perfect cohesive design for our home. Absolutely the best customer service in town!!
John Urias
John U.
18:58 16 Nov 19
Creative Tile is the place to be!!!! Christina, Jesse and all the other staff are exceptional and top notch! Highly recommended!
Lori Adams
Lori A.
05:46 31 Aug 19
After having a horrible experience at Badrosian tile I came to creative tile to see if they had what I was looking for. I have enjoyed every single person I have worked with there. They are not pushy at all and the flooring is beautiful!!
Brandy Hardy
Brandy H.
16:32 13 Aug 19
Great selection and staff really goes out of their way. Christina was more than great from the moment we walked in to the moment we walked out. She knows her stuff and does an exceptional job!
Teresa Pera
Teresa P.
06:27 11 Aug 19
After searching for tile at several places, (including Fire Clay in SanFrancisco), I finally took a look at Creative Tile in Fresno. All I can say is: Wow. I worked with Kristina, who spent ALOT of time showing me different examples of tile that would give me the look that I wanted, at a price I could afford. Very efficient she was, and also very excited about my ideas and the aesthetic I was trying to achieve. Such a fun place to browse, and great, friendly customer service! I can't imagine EVER going anywhere else for my tile or stone needs. Very special place. And, thank you again, Kristina, for your awesome help!
Dorothy Bird
Dorothy B.
02:46 11 Aug 19
I’m in the process of choosing tile for a remodel in my bathroom. I’ve looked at Lowe’s Home Improvement and Home Depot for tile. There was not a good selection so I looked on line and found Creative Tile located in Fresno that had good ratings.I drove over and was greeted by a woman named Christina who gave me a tour of your facility and the historic building. I was so happy to find rooms and rooms of beautiful tile. “ What a selection very Impressive ! “ I’m planning on coming in next week to order bathtub wall tile and decided to redo the floor tile as well. Thank you Creative Tile as well as Christina. I’m planning to follow up with Christina to help me with our Kitchen remodel and laundry room after the bathroom is completed. I’ve waited a long time for our projects to be completed , and I’m so excited to know and trust your employee that I’m getting excellent service along with decorating ideas and are very knowledgeable Thank you again Miss Christina @ Creative Tile
Abel Medina
Abel M.
02:11 11 Aug 19
I'm the General Manager for Delerio Construction in Fresno and have worked with many owners and all of them are always very satisfied after they visit Creative Tile.We work very closely with the team there to ensure design and selection goes smoothly. The selection of available materials are quality and prices to fit most budgets. The best part of working the Creative is having Christina help bring together our projects. Her vision and patience is one of a kind in the valley.
Yolanda Santos
Yolanda S.
20:56 10 Aug 19
I really enjoy working with Christina from Creative Tile on a Professional level. I work in a Slab yard and feel confident as I have referred many of my customers to her knowing that she will take really good care of and educate them with their choices. She is extremely Knowledgeable when it comes to her trade. She is very creative with the color schemes for customers and materials that will work well within their home/office. At the end of the day, the customers are the ones that are satisfied with the help from Christina. I will continue to refer my customers to her as I am certain that she will take care of them.
Jose Montalvo
Jose M.
20:48 10 Aug 19
Wow best store in town, has a lot of selection for all types of budget... and the staff are very nice!! Look for Christina !!!she’s a great person Who can help you in everything ,she is the best!! Always happy and smile on her face!!!
Jonna Judd
Jonna J.
15:56 10 Aug 19
We love Creative Tile! It is an awesome place. From the historic building to the amazing showroom. From the vast selection of tile, for all budgets, to the amazing staff, ESPECIALLY CHRISTINA! We are doing a bathroom remodel and really had no idea of what we wanted or needed. Christina took us through each step in a professional and friendly manner. We have already and will continue to recommend Creative Tile to family and friends. Thank you Christina and Creative Tile!
Matthew Taylor
Matthew T.
15:11 10 Aug 19
Im a local tile contractor here in Fresno and i send all of my clients to Creative tile to deal with Christina. They have an excellent selection of the top brands of tile and best quality. If i have a client that is not sure what they are wanting i know that i can send them to Christina and she will lead them in the right direction. Her attention to detail and her friendly attitude makes all of my clients happy.
Ysabella Castillo
Ysabella C.
18:07 13 Jul 19
Christina was really helpful, mum came down from Santa Rosa for some special tiles lol ... we learned that the showroom was formally an internment camp.. the showroom was really nice and had a gr8 selection of tiles.
Vanessa Quintero
Vanessa Q.
18:05 13 Jul 19
Show room was A1 you’ll learn some history and Christina was very nice and eager to help
Tony Castillo
Tony C.
18:02 13 Jul 19
Christina was very enthusiastic and helpful and answered all of our questions. Showroom was very top notch and nice to look at as well
Sara Kilgore
Sara K.
00:15 10 Jul 19
It was such a pleasure working with Christina Ruelas. I walked in to chose our pool tile and was so overwhelmed and stressed, because I knew whatever I chose it would be hard to visualize it all together. Christina knows her stuff and you can tell that she truly has a passion for what she does. My life was made so much easier with her knowledge of what looks beautiful together. She is not pushy and welcomes you to take pictures and samples home to think about your choices if needed. A big thank you to Christian for all of her help and kindness throughout the whole decision process. Creative Tile is highly recommend for their beautiful tiles, marbles etc. and all of the great employees.
David Corneliuz
David C.
14:47 08 Jul 19
Kris was very helpful and offered great ideas for our remodel. The selection at CT is tremendous.
M Imperatrice
M I.
22:04 02 Jul 19
Christina was so helpful and amazing! Well be back.
Taylor Grace
Taylor G.
21:48 02 Jul 19
Christina was so helpful!!! This experience was amazing! Extraordinary customer service!!
Wyatt McCullough
Wyatt M.
21:47 02 Jul 19
It was very kid friendly and Christina was very helpful with our selection.
Kathy Spain
Kathy S.
04:39 27 Jun 19
Christina is wonderful. I had been so confused and not able to find what I wanted for my backsplash. She was able to help me figure it out in just a short amount of time. I love what we picked out. Really fits my personality. Creative Tile has such a great selection of tile. So many I hadn't seen anywhere else. Christina sitting and working with me really made the difference. Nowhere else offered this kind of great service.
Carmen Biddy
Carmen B.
00:10 20 Jun 19
We are remodeling our kitchen and needed tile for the back splash my sister told us about Creative tile. We meet with Christina and she came up with a beautiful design. If we ever need more tiles for a project we are definitely going back to see Christina.
Shauna Shepard
Shauna S.
19:51 16 May 19
We recently had to remodel our home. We were looking for tile and all of our local stores did not have a selection. I heard the advertisement for Creative Tile on the radio and decided to take a trip up. I was impressed with their tile selection. I made an appointment to come back to start our project. I highly recommend Christina for all projects. She has great insight and a vision for creating and seeing what your bathroom/kitchen could be. She has experience in the field as well. She can see from the customers point of view but also help you navigate the construction side with your contractor. I would highly recommend her to anyone. -Shauna
Deborah Walter
Deborah W.
19:03 09 May 19
My husbanc and I had been looking for that special tile for our kitchen in the new home we were building. While visiting family in Clovis, my sister encouraged me to go over to Creative Tile. My husband and I were so pleased to find such a great selection and the amazing help we received. We are building out of state so the process of selection was a bit complicated between calls back and forth between us and our builder as to amount and design process for the niche above our range. However, Veronica was so helpful during the entire process. Christina was also great with helping us design the arrangement of the hand painted tiles for above the range. Veronica helped arrange the shipping to our build site and made it very easy. I am looking forward to seeing the final product. Thanks Creative Tile, Veronica and Christina!!
Jennifer McCord
Jennifer M.
02:03 22 Apr 19
Veronica is awesome!
Melissa Mickaelian
Melissa M.
14:26 20 Apr 19
Great selections, great staff and very helpful. Christina is on point with customer service and very knowledgeable when it comes to lay outs, tile selections and super helpful in general. Kris and Jesse are equally helpful in all areas as well. Truly a good team .
Melissa Bailey
Melissa B.
19:37 19 Apr 19
Ordering from Creative Tile was easy and Jesse was super helpful, patient, and nice. Their prices are reasonable. Five stars! Thanks Jesse L!
18:52 19 Apr 19
Looking to doing some remodeling soon and my first impression of this place was how expensive a square foot was going to be. WRONG! This place has so many options for all types of budget. Veronica took the time to show me the different options which was greatly appreciated since I felt lost. I love how attentive Veronica was to my daughter in keeping her entertained throughout the tour. I highly recommend coming here for your home projects.
Dan Bernard
Dan B.
21:04 16 Apr 19
I had an incompetent and rude contractor, whom I promptly fired.Because this was my first bathroom remodel, I wasn't sure how to proceed. I felt stressed and uneasy about the entire thing. Luckily, I went into Creative Tile and met a very polite and courteous representative named Christina.She listened to my plight and guided me in the right direction. I was a mess when I walked in, however, when I walked out of Creative Tile, I felt like my project was right on track again. She helped me pick out complimentary combinations of colors and textures that are phenomenal. Christina also helped find quality tile setters, and and other workers needed to pull of the look I was after. My compliments to Creative Tile for their selection and knowledgeable staff. Creative tile has earned their 5 stars from me.I would highly recommend this company for all your tile needs.
Ralph Gladwin
Ralph G.
02:27 14 Apr 19
A true Showroom! Thanks for the great service and fantastic selection!
Jake Rodriguez
Jake R.
01:53 12 Apr 19
The ONLY place in town to buy tile!
Michelle Dolton
Michelle D.
21:01 09 Apr 19
After visiting the four tile businesses recommended by my tile installer I received the very best service at Creative Tile thanks to Veronica. I had no idea that there were so many types of tile and so many options but Veronica patiently explained the advantages and disadvantages of each type for tiling my showers. She was so enthusiastic about helping, had a 'great eye' for colors and textures, and made some wonderful suggestions. She's magic. Thanks, Veronica - I'll be back for my next tile project.
Alicia Duncan
Alicia D.
20:10 06 Apr 19
Christina was so friendly and very helpful!
Jose Rangel
Jose R.
22:34 23 Mar 19
great selection of tile
Kathy Elliott
Kathy E.
01:31 16 Mar 19
This business is wonderful. I needed assistance with a tile issue and they immediately helped me resolve the issue. Very friendly staff— lots of beautiful granite and other choices. Be sure and say “HI!” to Ryan!!! Thank you for great service!
Garrett S
Garrett S
01:49 14 Mar 19
Nice tile selection, very diverse. Christina is very helpful and knowledgeable
Chance Pierce
Chance P.
21:57 30 Jan 19
Great customer service very knowledgeable ask for Cristina can't go wrong
Sarah Hedrick
Sarah H.
16:41 23 Jan 19
A shout out to Creative Tile in Fresno. Every time I need tile, for myself or my clients, they go above and beyond to help me find what I need at the best value. I find that their customer service is spot on, they are friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you Creative!
Shirley Crossland
Shirley C.
22:54 17 Jan 19
Fantastic place with helpful friendly sales people.
Juan Gutierrez
Juan G.
21:13 23 Oct 18
Great variety to choose from and the showroom is very nice
Kevin Green
Kevin G.
02:14 14 Sep 18
Great place to shoptile,very helpful😀.
Katrina Floyd-Gonzales
Katrina F.
17:36 08 Sep 18
Came in to salvage a pool tile design gone awry. Christina came to the rescue, and within minutes sketched a beautiful new design. I appreciate her professionalism, kindness, and artistry.
Lissa Metzger
Lissa M.
00:29 08 Sep 18
So many things to choose from 😀
Michael Ishii
Michael I.
19:42 25 Aug 18
Great selection and friendly helpful staff. Have not yet bought from them but if the show room experience is any suggestion they’ll be great!
Troy Bratty
Troy B.
00:10 21 Aug 18
Great selections of tile stone and great help.
James Muller
James M.
02:45 20 Aug 18
Kris Salinas was very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Creative Tile offers quality products and material. I felt the project was important to them.
Dora Papion
Dora P.
18:07 16 Aug 18
Kris Salinas was a great help to us. He was patient and contacted other companies to help us customize our tile order. He is very knowledgeable about the products and we highly recommend him.
Michael Payne
Michael P.
19:48 10 Aug 18
When I built my custom house, I wanted the highest quality at the best price. I was my own contractor and was involved from demo of old house, framing through each step through completion. My Wife's only job was to pick out the colors and other design features. Turns out she doesn't like to decorate. I should have figured that out. Well, Chris did a great job of showing my Wife different options and helped her put it together. Both Chris and his staff did an excellent job helping with questions about installation, like using Schluter shower system.The only way they could have done better is if they installed and paid for the material (Seems he does have his limits).I could not have been happier.
Javier Cuenca
Javier C.
00:49 04 Aug 18
Yes I give Christina a Five Star for her excellent customer service and knowledge about the products. I will be back for future purchases. Great Job Christina see you soon.....
Michael Cookson
Michael C.
21:35 02 Aug 18
Creative tile has a wonderful selection in there beautiful showroom & Kris in the showroom is just awesome helping with designs and selections.
Jorge Galvan
Jorge G.
19:10 02 Aug 18
I have been doing tile most my life and this store has the best selection and customer service. Be sure to ask for Christina
Jesus Diaz
Jesus D.
03:25 02 Aug 18
Awesome customer service. Great experience overall.
Masanori Kishihara
Masanori K.
00:53 27 Jun 18
Creative Tile
Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy J.
15:11 14 Jun 18
This place is an amazing tile showroom? Everything in it is tile and grout. It gave me a whole new perspective on setting tile.
Margaret Lujano
Margaret L.
19:34 01 Jun 18
Their staff are a wealth of knowledge. Thank you Christina. Their showroom's visual presentation is very amazing!
Natalie Derderian
Natalie D.
23:48 30 Apr 18
Great selection of tile! Employees are beyond courteous and helpful.
Stephanie Buckley
Stephanie B.
05:44 03 Apr 18
Excellent service and HUGE selection of beautiful tile
Carol Olsen
Carol O.
22:59 26 Mar 18
Excellent experience. Kris Salinas was very friendle, professional, knowledgeable and made us feel feel comfortable. The staff is courteous, friendly and makes you feel important. The contractor who laid the flooring, Matthew Raymond, did a great job for us. He was friendly and would answer any questions we had and made sure we understood what he was saying. He takes pride in his work and it shows.Thank you for making this experience for us turn out Beautiful!Rodney and Carol Olsen
Mary Ann Velasco
Mary Ann V.
18:31 22 Mar 18
They have a gorgeous selection of tile. The staff are knowledgeable and helpful. If you are looking for unique or new styles, this is the place.
Robin Ediger
Robin E.
14:37 09 Mar 18
Christina is fabulous. She does her research and gives great advice.
Art Brice
Art B.
04:33 26 Jan 18
Tile is a visual addition to a home. It does not do anything (usually) but get looked at. So it makes sense to go somewhere where you can see as much tile as possible. That’s Creative Tile. We picked an unusual tile which we would have never done if we didn’t see installed first on their crazy demo floor. (It’s the first demo on the left by the stairs as you walk in.) They demo the outside tile, not surprisingly, outside in the parking lot. They have one room just for Pool tile.However, the best thing is their staff. Knowledgeable, interested in our project and they loaded all of our tile - almost 3,000 lbs with a smile. Importantly they provide information after we started the work and expedited the last few tiles we needed at the end. Chris was really helpful at each step and happily answered all of our questions.The guys at the counter and in the warehouse were very helpful, too. Special place with special people! Look at the demo floor and don’t miss both sets of their demo bathrooms. Now my Wife wants to start on the bathrooms !
Suzanne Sauve
Suzanne S.
00:53 01 Dec 17
WOW, WOW, WOW! Loved this place!!!! What a fabulous selection and the most helpful staff!Highly recommend you check it out! I can't wait to get my project under way...
Bell Memorials & Granite Works Inc. Patricia Bell
Bell Memorials & Granite Works Inc. Patricia B.
23:46 26 Jul 17
I visited here NUMEROUS times while trying to pick out tiles for a kitchen and living room remodel. Even though I probably drove him crazy, Caleb was SO helpful and patient with me....even let me take home multiple samples to view in-home. They have a HUGE selection, are knowledgeable/helpful. Lives up to their name: they are creative! You might find something similar and cheaper at a big box, but you will not get the same quality and design assistance as you will here 🙂
B. C
B. C
23:52 28 Nov 16
Great service very friendly. Very comfortable atmosphere.
Christian Parley Commercial Photography
Christian Parley Commercial P.
15:52 20 Oct 14
One of the advantages of building a Google virtual tour for local businesses is, as I create one, I have the opportunity to briefly watch how a business is run. I can say, without hesitation, that the customer service at Creative Tile is second to none. It's how you wish every business treated their customers. Creative Tile is a Fresno gem.
Robert Wegley
Robert W.
01:57 28 Mar 14
I normally don't post reviews about businesses but for Creative Tile I had to make an exception. I had gone to some other "big box" stores to look for some tile but could not find what I wanted or anyone to help me. From the moment I walked into Creative Tile, the sales staff were attentive and helpful. When I came in they were busy but still took the time to greet me and invite me to have a cup of coffee and a doughnut while browsing around the store until they could assist me. While I was looking around I saw that their showroom had an abundant selection of products that were above and beyond any selection and quality I had seen at other stores. When the sales associate came over to me, he introduced himself and asked how he could assist me. I explained what I needed and he was able to show me exactly what I was looking for the 1st time. In addition he also took the time to explain and show me how to properly clean and take care of my tile so it would stay looking brand new. The customer service was the best I have ever had. I felt like I was their most important customer they had. I told him I was doing a remodel later this year and they asked if they could help design the tile installation for me. You can be sure I'll be back to have them help me make it the best remodel ever. I have never had a more friendly and informative experience in my life. They really make it a pleasure to shop. If you want it right the 1st time and with unsurpassed quality and personalized customer service then Creative Tile is the place to go.
Chelsea Russell
Chelsea R.
00:44 07 Jan 14
Hard to find creative professionals in Fresno that are passionate about tile. Every person we spoke with was as excited about our project as we were. Can't wait to do our next bathroom!
John F Fitzpatrick
John F F.
18:01 20 Dec 12
Creative Tile is an exceptional experience. From the Showroom to installation, their expertise comes shining through. I have never run into more dedicated people when it comes to customer service. If you are planning a serious upgrade, don't even bother shopping anywhere else, it's a waste of time. You need to see their showroom to believe some of the incredible options and applications available to you. I'll be a loyal customer for years to come.