Solimar 8×8 Encaustic Cement Tile

$14.18 Square Foot

The 5.33sf Box (12Pcs) Usually Leaves The Warehouse Within 5 Days. Tile4you supplys some of the finest Encoustic cement tiles in the world. 200 year old technology brings muted, varied, matte and silky finishes to life. Cement tile patterns and shapes are already impossible to refuse. It’s the variegated colors that make them one of today’s most sought after tiles for, both, walls and floors, as well as, indoors and out. This is why designers are specking this tile all over the world.

Actual Area (sq. ft.) 5.33
Total Price $75.58

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All encaustic product is sold in square feet (SF) and by the full carton.

Pieces per carton: 12
Size: 8×8
Square feet per carton: Cartons per crate:12
Nominal 8” x 8” x 5/8” 5.33
Weight per piece: Weight per square foot: Weight per carton: Weight per crate: Weight per container:


Each encaustic cement tile is individually handmade using a hydraulic press and variations in color, pattern, and dimension are inherent. Prior to installation choose tiles from multiple boxes to ensure proper blending of colors.


Encaustic tiles are suitable for walls and floors. They are commercially rated for slip resistance. They may be used outside where freeze-thaw conditions do not occur. We do not recommend they be submerged in fountains, pools, or shower pans. While sealers help mitigate fading, sun and moisture will fade all cement products, and it is expected.


Please leave tiles in their boxes until the time of installation. Do not store encaustic tiles outside. Do not let the boxes get wet as moisture may leave residue stains prior to installation.

Check Your Boxes

Ensure that you have the correct tile and that there are no defects. No claims can be made after the product is installed.

Recommended Materials

Before Installation

  1. Seal tiles with topical sealer before setting and grouting tiles.


The installer must be capable of installing the material and possess basic tile setting equipment. Please refer to the Tile Council of North America Handbook for your particular installation. Make sure to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for sealers, mortars, grouts, membranes, and any other materials used.

Clean the tile using mild soap. Do not use harsh chemicals such as bleach, ammonia or an acid, which could strip the sealers and wax and damage the surface of your tile.

An ounce of liquid soap and warm water is sufficient. DO NOT use a broom on your floor. The bristles of the broom could scratch the surface or your tiles and remove the wax. It is best to vacuum the floor first, and then mop. Clean spills as soon as possible. The longer you wait to clean a stain the more difficult it will be to remove later.

Periodic Care and Maintenance

Every few years the tile should be resealed and re-waxed. If there is heavy foot traffic in a commercial setting, you may elect to strip the wax, clean the tile using the methods below, reseal, and rewax. If maintained properly, your tiles will last a lifetime.

  1. FAQ

What if a tile has an imperfection?

When inspecting your tiles, set aside any tiles that are questionable. This is a natural product and is expected to have a range of variance. Most projects have anywhere from 15-25% of the tiles cut to conform to the space. Set aside the tiles you are not sure of and use those for areas that require cut tiles.

What color grout should I choose?

We recommend white or light-colored grout. Even with proper sealing prior to grouting, encaustic tiles are cementitious, porous products, and grout can penetrate the pores. Refer to the steps below to remove grout that has penetrated the tile. Avoid smearing the entire tile with grout when grouting.

How can I remove a stain from the tile?
We find the following products helpful in removing small and medium stains:

320-400 grit sand paper and light sanding (a few back and forth motions) will remove a micro-layer of the material and the stain with it.

Bar Keeper’s Friend (BKF) found at grocery and hardware stores contains Oxalic acid and is excellent at removing stains and grout haze. To treat the stain, spray water on the tile, place the BKF on a white scrub pad, and let it mix with the water over the stained area. Allow the product to dwell for a few moments to chemically react, then lightly scrub. Wipe off with a sponge and clean water. If your tiles were sealed and waxed you will have to repeat this process because the BKF will remove both the sealer and wax with the stain.

What are the advantages of finishing with wax?

Wax protects the tile from staining. It also adds an instant patina to your floor or wall. Wax cannot be used in outdoor applications.

Is there a technique for applying the sealer and wax for best results?

Yes, we recommend a lamb’s wool applicator, either handheld or on a pole. The technique is the same for both wax and sealer. Moisten the applicator and apply the product in a straight line. Avoid any swirling motions. Make sure excess product is buffed off.

Are there certain products NOT to use on my tile?

Yes, DO NOT use the following on your tile: vinegar, acids, bleach, or other harsh chemicals.