3/8 x 3/4 Stone & Glass Blends Neptune

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For installation, use a white adhesive that is recommended for installing glass. Please refer to the TCNA handbook for more information regarding installation of glass tile. Stone & Glass is suitable for low traffic interior floors and interior walls that get some moisture, like shower walls, but should not be used in steam showers, saunas or any area submerged in water. For pool or other wet areas projects, face-mounted material may be available on a special order basis depending on quantity and time. Stone & Glass & Decos (SGD), Stone & Glass & Shells (SGS) and Blends with craquele glass (SGB7 & SGB8) are never recommended for floors, areas submerged in water or very wet areas, and are not available in a face-mounted version. Do not use acids, chemicals or solvents.

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