Vetrissimo Tranquillo Taupe

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Shiny & matte glass with silk-screened under-glazing.

Block Pattern

Combination of 1 x 1’s, 1 x 2’s and 2 x 2’s. Pattern combines both shiny and matte finishes and are mounted on approximate square foot sheets.

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Sticks Mosaic Blends

Blend 1 : Blend of 403 – 404 – 409

Blend 2 : Blend of 403 – 405 – 406

Blend 3 : Blend of 405 – 406 – 412

Blend 4 : Blend of 406 – 409 – 412

Feature Strip

The Sticks Mosaic can be used in full sheets for field tile or cut into feature strips.

feature strip

For any feature strip or liner less than a full sheet the sheet must be divided into 5-row modules as shown. This is the repeat pattern to create seamless mating.

Sheet Size

Full sheet – approx. 12″ x 12″

Usage & Installation

Tranquillo is suitable for interior walls that get some moisture, like shower walls, but should not be used in steam showers, saunas or any area submerged in water. For pool or other wet area projects, face-mounted material may be available on a special order basis depending on quantity and time. BLOCK PATTERN may also be suitable for low traffic interior floors.

Glass requires special installation: Only use white adhesive with high adhesion and elasticity which are especially recommended for installing glass. All substrates should be properly reinforced to be sure that there is no movement. For mortar installations, the mortar bed has to be cured (less than 2% humidity) and has to have proper reinforcing. Please refer to the TCNA Handbook for specific information regarding installation of glass tile.

Glass can vary within each run and from production run to production run. Glass tile may be susceptible to scratching in handling and installation, as well as use.

VOTO403 Taupe
VOTO404 Brown
VOTO405 Dk. Grey
VOTO406 Lt. Grey
VOTO409 Almond
VOTO411 Black
VOTO412 White
VOTOB1 Blend 1
VOTOB2 Blend 2
VOTOB3 Blend 3
VOTOB4 Blend 4