Natucer Stow – Bianco White

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Creative Tile’ Stow series is a wall tile characterized by deep, vibrant colors and plenty of variation on an artisan clay body. Natucer creates a bisque that truly looks handmade by using 14 different molds. The uneven surface and irregular edges — including occasional small chips, clipped corners and glaze irregularities — are intentionally included to achieve an authentic hand-crafted effect. Each of the 4 Mix colors include light and dark pieces mixed together and packed as a single item. The resulting variation combined with the 4×4 size create a dramatic and exciting impact that is reminiscent of the hand-painted zellige tile tradition. Stow is also available in white, making it an option for bringing some flavor and character to a classic style.

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Stow is intended for interior walls.

Coordinating Trim

Expect variation in color and size between field and trims. There is limited shade variation on the pencil bullnose; the shading is more uniform than the field tile.


The 4 x 8 is avaliable in Bianco (BO) color only.


Due to the irregular edges on this handcrafted look, the factory recommends using a minimum joint of 3/32”.

It is important to work with the layout, blending pieces within each carton and pulling from several cartons, to get the proper blend during installation. Due to the different production techniques and times, expect variation in size and color between field and trim.

Stow is intended for interior walls. If installing with a cement-based adhesive, it is recommended to use a flexible setting material. All substrates should be properly reinforced to be sure there is no movement. Wood studs need to be dry and properly braced with a minimum depth of 3-1/2”. For mortar installations, the mortar bed has to be cured (less than 2% humidity) and has to have proper reinforcing.

Due to the nature of this special material, orders must be for full boxes only. Please note that we do not accept returns in general. In the rare occurrence that we make an exception and do take a return of this product, only factory sealed full boxes can be accepted.

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