Naxos Raku Symbol Turquoise

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In the Raku series, Naxos has created an eclectic grouping of products with each design presented in the color that looks best. The final effect is a series of unique products, just like the Raku ware that inspired it. The surface texture mimics the random irregularities observed in the refractory clay used by ceramic artists. The glazes – particularly on the structured fields – play with light by contrasting reflective lustre glazes with a muted matte base. While this series is a collection of unique items, they are also designed to coordinate with each other, just as a set of Raku pottery would be made up of different but complementary pieces.

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Raku is intended for interior walls.

10 x 24 Plain: Sulphate

Please note that the Sulphate color is available in the Plain 10×24 field only. It is also different from the other colors in that it has a unique, feathery graphic.

10 x 24 Structures: Symbol Turquoise

2 designs are mixed and sold randomly. Orders may not include equal quantities of each design.

10 x 24 Structures: Chic

Care should be taken when installing the Chic to have the wave pattern align from piece to piece to create a continuous flow. The orientation of the pattern should also be the same in every row.

Coordinating Trim

Expect variation in color and size between field and trims.


We recommend installing the Raku series with a stacked/straight joint. The minimum grout joint recommended is 3/32”. If installing with a cement-based adhesive, we recommend using a flexible setting material. All substrates should be properly reinforced to be sure there is no movement. Wood studs need to be dry and properly braced with a minimum depth of 3 ”. For mortar installations, the mortar bed has to be cured (less than 2%humidity) and has to have proper reinforcing. Extra care should be taken when grouting structured tile (especially Chic & Symbol). It is best to do small areas at a time, not letting the grout set too long, and then making sure that all excess grout is removed when washing so that the underlying patterns are completely visible. It is recommended to use a grout release and to avoid using contrasting grout colors, and it should be noted that some grout may remain in the surface indentations.

10 x 24 Plain – Non-Rectified  
NSRUBC/1024 Black Clay
NSRUSY/1024 Silvery
NSRUSE/1024 Sulphate
10 x 24 Structures – Non-Rectified  
NSRUBC/1024C Chic Black Clay
NSRUSY/1024C Chic Silvery
NSRUTE/1024S Symbol Turquoise
Coordinating Trim  
NSRU–/MBN ½ x 10 Miter Bullnose