Kerion Neocim Décor Classic B Graphite

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Neocim or “new cement” is a collection that recreates traditional encaustic cement tiles in porcelain. The designs are distinctive, yet classic and have a pristine white base color. They can be used as accents or even medallions, but look best when installed in entire areas. The result is the extraordinarily beautiful look of decorative cement tiles, but with all the advantages of porcelain – reduced thickness, ease of installation and maintenance, resistance to staining, and more – making this look accessible for many applications where cement tiles would not be suitable or practical.

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Usage & Installation

Suitable for walls and floors including residential and light to moderate commercial use (depending on the color). Please note that some patterns are complete within a single piece of tile while others need four tiles to complete each pattern. For the designs that require four pieces (Décor Branche Mer, Classic A Noir and Classic C Noir), care should be taken during installation to make sure the tiles are correctly placed to achieve the desired final look. The minimum recommended grout joint is 3/32”. Please note that the material is non-rectified. If using more than one item together (i.e. field and decos), please check the caliber and be aware that you may have to adjust the size of the grout joint to make your pattern work.

Coordinating Trim

If trim pieces are needed, the following items might be good options:


• LABC101M/A108

Coordinating trims should be presented with an understanding that there will not be a perfect match and there may be some variation from production run to production run.

KNNMBP Blanc Pur
KNNMGE Graphite
Size – Non-Rectified  
KNNM–/88 8 x 8 Field
KNNM/88CAN Décor Classic A Noir
KNNM/88BM Décor Branche Mer
KNNM/88CBG Décor Classic B Graphite
KNNM/88CCN Décor Classic C Noir
KNNM/88FN Décor Fleur Noir