Imola Re-Micron – Dark Gray

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Creative Tile’s Re-Micron is a highly technical product that boasts a natural finish that is suitable for the most demanding commercial projects but with a subtle, contemporary look that makes it appealing for upscale residential use as well. Clays with different pigments are mixed together in the body of the tile to create colors that are animated by gentle surface movement. The colors of the series – with shades from pale to medium to dark in a palette that goes from warm to cool – are designed to coordinate with each other so they can be used together in creative ways. Different colors, the two finishes and the mosaics can also be used in different areas, creating style continuity throughout a project.

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Re-Micron is suitable for residential and commercial use. The Polished Finish is suitable for residential and light commercial applications.


The surface bullnose is made from field tile that is cut, ground and reglazed.

Piano Mosaic

The Piano Mosaic has three sizes of rectangles in three finishes that are mixed and mounted on approximate 12 x 12 inch sheets. The sheets are comprised of 1-1/2 x 3, 1 x 3 and 5/8 x 3 inch pieces in natural, polished and bush-hammered.The sheets can be cut into strips.

Blend 1 (White) (WE)

Blend 2 (Warm) (AD/BE/TO)

Blend 3 (Cool) (DG/GB/GY)

Polished Cleaning and Maintenance

The Polished finish is suitable for walls and for residential and light commercial floors that do not require DCOF. As with all glossy material, the polished surface is susceptible to scratching during installation and use, and extra care should be taken when handling the material. Polished material can be etched with acids. The Polished finish has a protective sealer applied on the production line. In any case, it is strongly recommended to apply extra protection by using FILA PD15 or something similar. A polished floor should be washed with normal, domestic use, NEUTRAL pH detergents and plenty of warm water in order to maintain its natural shine. Beware of products that say no rinsing is necessary, as detergents should always be completely rinsed off a polished floor. Avoid detergents, solvents, abrasive or acid-based productsThe Coefficient of Friction is a general guide only. Testing may vary with different production runs and with different testing labs.

As noted in the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) the coefficient of friction varies considerably due to facts not under the control of entities such as the manufacturers and distributors. These factors include, but are not limited to, contaminants, slope of terrain, drainage conditions, adjacent surfaces, etc. Suitability for any installation can only be determined by a site examination of all conditions that could affect the slip resistance of the tile being installed. Continual cleaning and maintenance must be performed once the tile has been installed.