Mirage Quarziti 2.0 Waterfall

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Mirage is an inkjet Full-Body Italian Porcelain. Mirage has taken advantage of all the newest and latest inkjet technology to achieve the look of real stone including the natural veining and shading that occurs. The end result is a random yet controlled mixing of hues and surfaces within each stone color.

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MEQR01 Glacier
MEQR02 Mountains
MEQR03 Waterfall
MEQR04 River
MEQR05 Mantle
Sizes – Rectified  
MEQR–/1212 12 x 12
MEQR–/1224 12 x 24
MEQR–/SBN 3 x 24 Surface Bullnose 


The Coefficient of Friction is a general guide only. Testing may vary with different production runs and with different testing labs.As noted in the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) the coefficient of friction varies considerably due to facts not under the control of entities such as the manufacturers and distributors. These factors include, but are not limited to, contaminants, slope of terrain, drainage conditions, adjacent surfaces, etc. Suitability for any installation can only be determined by a site examination of all conditions that could affect the slip resistance of the tile being installed. Continual cleaning and maintenance must be performed once the tile has been installed. For more information see our current handout Americans with Disabilities Act and Slip Resistance of Tile.