Elios Terre Etrusche – Toscana 8-1/2” Hex Terracotta Look Porcelain Tile

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Terre Etrusche is a Terracotta look in 3 colors named after the regions in the middle of Italy, the “Land of the Etruscans.” The name evokes the historical nature of the terra-cotta look. And while it holds its place of importance in the ceramic tradition, it’s an aesthetic that never goes out of style. This porcelain version comes in 16 x 16 and an 8-1/2” Hexagon, both sizes that are historic and also current.

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Terre Etrusche is suitable for residential to moderate commercial applications.

Due to the nature of this material and small carton size, orders for the 8-1/2” Hex and Deco must be for full boxes only. Please note that we do not accept returns in general. In the rare occurrence that we make an exception and do take a return of this product, only factory sealed full boxes can be accepted.