Sichena Pavé Brick – Sbiancato Terracotta Look Porcelain Tile

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6-1/2 x 16 (R10) SIPB–/716
3-1/4 X 16 (R10) SIPB–/316
Grip Finish
6-1/2 x 16 Grip (R11 B) SIPBNEG/716
3 x 16 Surface Bullnose SIPB–/SBN

The Pave Brick series offers the look of painted brick floors and walls that have aged over time. The Naturale color closely resembles the real bricks that inspired Sichenia to make the line, with the warm tones of the terracotta brick coming through as the paint gets worn away. The Bruciato color also has some pieces that are mostly white with the undertones peeking through, but the brick underneath is neutral with variation from dark brown to beige. In the Sbiancato (white wash) color, the painted surface remains mostly intact. The two rectangular sizes can make multiple patterns on their own or together. The Grip finish is suitable for many exterior applications

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Grip Finish
The 6-1/2 x 16 Grip is only available in Naturale (NE) color only.

With its R11 B rating, the Grip Finish is suitable for many exterior paving applications including patios, pool decks, walkways, terraces, steps, and even some slopes. Of course, final suitability always comes down to the specific circumstances of the project, and proper cleaning and maintenance is required to maintain the slip resistance of any surface. A seamless flow from interior to exterior spaces can be created by using the natural finish inside and the grip finish outside.

Installation Information
It is important to work with the layout, mixing pieces within each carton and pulling within each carton and pulling from several cartons, to get the proper blend during installation.

The minimum recommended grout joint is 1/8”. It is important to wash down the grout to reveal the chiseled edges. Please note that the material is non-rectified. If using more than one item together, please check the caliber and be aware that you may have to adjust the size of the grout joint to make your pattern work.

Pavé Brick is suitable for walls and floors, from residential to moderate commercial applications.