Natucer Shapes London White

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From Natucer in Spain, this high quality, extruded porcelain product is made from wet clay and has a handcrafted look and feel. The variation in size and surface texture is an inherent and desirable characteristic of this specialized production method and adds to the appeal of this tile. With a long rectangle, a classic Hexagon and the hot Chevron. Available in 3 colors Shapes offers endless design possibilities for both modern and traditional tastes.

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Expect variation in color and size between field and trims.



Usage & Installation

Shapes is suitable for walls and residential floors. The London White color may be suitable for light commercial floors. It is advisable to blend from multiple boxes during installation.

Due to the extruded process that creates this handcrafted look, we recommend using at least an 1/8” grout joint. It is also recommended to use a grout color similar to the color of the tile and to avoid contrasting grouts. It is important to mix pieces within each carton and from several cartons to attain a proper blend. Expect variation from production run to production run, and between the different shapes/sizes.

*As part of the intended, handmade feel of the 3 1/2 x 14, the edges are more cushioned than the other shapes. It is important to wash down the grout to reveal the cushion. Because of the cushion, the grout joint will appear bigger than the spacing between tiles, even when properly washed down.