Hexa Cottage – Cotto 5.5″ Hex Terracotta Look Porcelain Tile

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The WOW COTTAGE Collection is a modern revival of the farmhouse countryside with the durability of porcelain. Whitewashed replicating natural aging of the timeless terracotta in European villas. Available in two shapes: Hexagon and subway, both in porcelain perfect for an outside patio or a kitchen or sunroom. A magical inspiration for today’s home with high demands.

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Revival in modern construction to resemble the character, warmth and connotations of the Countryside.

In fusion with the actual trends, Cottage Collection, evokes picturesque houses full of charms.

Two shapes: Hexagon sized 14x16cm (5.5×6.3”) and handmade in 7x14cm (2.7”x5.5”), both in porcelain for any launch or open space use.

Whitewashed coloured terracotas, naturally aged and shaded in versions sand, cotto, graphite, grey and off white.

Magical inspiration for today´s home to the highest demands.

Good for Bath, Kitchen and Wall